IPCSA Membership


Benefits of IPCSA membership

IPCSA welcomes membership requests from Port Community System Operators and Port Authorities.   IPCSA also has Associate Members, these tend to not fit into the normal category and can be from national, regional or international organisations.  For more information onf Associate Members please contact the Secretary General, Richard Morton

IPCSA is a membership organisation that maintains close contacts between its members and its executive.  The association relies on members being pro active in the development of PCS and also for support in attending nd representing IPCSA at relevant national, regional and international events, meetings and seminars,  IPCSA encourages Port Community System Operators and Port Authorities to become members.   

The benefits of IPCSA membership are:

  • Regular membership updates covering latest European and International policy and other matters that have an impact on PCS
  • Access to the IPCSA Members website which contains a library of documents, articles and IPCSA meeting information. 
  • Access to the IPCSA Members discussion forum
  • Opportunities to host IPCSA meetings 
  • Support from the Secretary General 
  • Networking with similar organisations as well as international organisations
  • Plaque confirming IPCSA membership
  • Attendance at IPCSA Workshops and meeting
  • Attendance at IPCSA Annual Conference

If your organisation is not a Port Community System Operator or a Port Authority but have an interest in PCS please contact the Secretary General, Richard Morton.  IPCSA welcomes the opportunity to discuss other types of membership particular with international or regional associations as well as research institutes, universities and other such academic organisations.

How to become an IPCSA member

The process to apply to become a member of IPCSA is relatively simple, but is subject to approval of the IPCSA Executive Committee.   The current membership fee for 2016/17 is €5,000 and runs from the 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.  Applications for membership can be recieved at any time.

The following stages outline the application process.

Stage 1 - Complete the IPCSA membership form 2016/17 - IPCSA Membership Application form 2016/17     (before completing an application form please check the definition for a Port Community System Operator)

Stage 2 - Send completed application, by email, to Richard Morton, Secretary General, IPCSA at richard.morton@ipcsa.international

Stage 3 - The Secretary General processes and reviews the application, and then sends the application to the IPCSA Executive Committee for consideration.  

Stage 4 - After consideration by the Executive Committee of IPCSA the applicant will be informed of the outcome, by the Secretary General, and whether their application for membership has been approved or not.

Stage 5 - Successful Applicants will be announced as new members of the association and an article and their information will be included on the IPCSA website.

All applicants for IPCSA membership will need to agree to the terms and conditions of membership of IPCSA.  In addition and in order to comply with international regulations IPCSA will carry out a check on the applicant organisation, including the named contacts against the International Sanctions List and /or equivalent lists to ensure IPCSA compliance and due diligence.

For further information or to discuss IPCSA membership please contact 

Richard Morton, Secretary General

Telephone: 00447796334960

Email: richard.morton@ipcsa.international